The Secret Notes 07-March-18 • Circus Edition

After a few false starts on the new comic, it looks on track finally. See also: reasons exposed in comic form on the previous blog, plus a couple of weeks off far away from most screens. (I can’t complain)

New drawing treat: the Secret Knots Circus comes to town

In order to make up for the lack of updates I’m opening this one to everybody who wants their quick portrait as one of the freaks and wonders of this existential circus.

Just pick one from:

The Non-Human Cannonball

The Plate-Spinning Bureaucrat

The Siamese Twin Whose Siamese Twin Is Not On This Plane Of Existence

The Specific Subject Expert Snake Charmer

The Party Escape Artist

The Political Contortionist 

The Fire Breathing Tinder User

The Hair Hanging Movie Critic

The Cliché Tamer

The Hyper Dimensional Clown

The Disaffected Trapeze Artist

The Oddly Non Hyperbolic Ringmaster

As you can see they’re twelve, so you could use them as some kind of astrological kind of typology for your personality. Also, I have no idea of how I’m going to draw them or even what some of these are.

As usual send a reference picture to my email, [email protected] with Secret Knots Circus in subject, and specifying the one you'll be.

Note: In the process of checking previous drawing treats I noticed I passed by a couple of requests. I’m terribly sorry and I’ll get in touch with a couple of people I’m in debt with.

Note 2: I’ll definitely be sharing some of the results from this, so please keep that in mind.

See you soon with news and comics.

Thanks for your support!

Juan S.

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