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Friends With Benefits 😉
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We love our occasional rendezvous and we're SO appreciative that you've decided to support the show! As a friend with benefits, you'll receive:

  • Palace Intrigue: A couple times a month we'll be making posts about what's going on behind the scenes, including candid snapshots of our get-togethers, text messages, private photos, and more. This may or may not include embarrassing artifacts from our days as young Harry Potter dorks.

  • Thank You: No seriously, THANK YOU. We greatly appreciate any amount you pledge! We're also saying thanks by putting your name on our website.

  • Surprise, Bitch: You can sign up to be called live during the show. This benefit is opt-in, so we’ll only call if you give us permission. If you've heard our show, you know that the calls end up being a lot of fun.

  • Voicemail line: Want to call US whenever you want? You'll have access to a new phone number with which you can all us!

  • Monthly Bonus Audio: Want more #Millennial? You'll receive one episode of After Dark and one episode of Hashing it Out (see below) at the beginning of every month!

  • Ad-Free #Millennial: You can hear each episode of our show without advertising. Yep, even in the podcasting app you already use. Once you pledge, you'll receive instructions detailing how to add ad-free #Millennial (and our other audio benefits if you pledge $5+) to your app. It's an easy, one-time setup!
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