Radish in a Bathtub - Modeling and Texturing with Maya and Photoshop - Art Spotlight, Files and Time Lapse
New art for the fast model production practice, today I bring to you food enjoying life, this one take me 5 hours. There is a Free Scene File attached to this post.

Youtube Process Time Lapse - Realtime Video Process - ArtStation - Sketchfab - Source Files

The Radish in a Bathtub

Before this practice I work the Round TV, I really like that, but at the moment the actual model I want to work for that practice was a Floating Boat what I actually Sketch on a paper, I did some practices for two night before realize I did not really like it but I almost try to force the creation of it, it doesn’t was the moment for me to create Floating Boats and I move my eyes a little to found in the same paper the Sketch for the Round TV, I had checked old televisions on Pinterest and I give it a Try, that try finish in 220 min practice modeling.

And for this Radish, the obsession start when a sexy 100 meter Sexy Radish appear in my twitter timeline (god I need that Plush) and days later this Sexy thing was in my mind yet and I think how interesting this could be in a wooden bathtub in the same way Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher 3 is in one.

This time for the texturing I start adding plain colors and gradients in the final model without uv wrap, the general idea was project the texture later in a model with the final UV, in that way I can texture one leaf and at the end I will have all the leafs individually in the final texture, also this give me the opportunity of Bake an AO map to use over the texture in order to provide more details and better colors when I am painting the final texture.

Let me know what you think. Best Wishes.

- Aender Lara

 PD. want to share my creative process for this art.

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