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New Story for 3/10 Posted!
Hi all! After last week's slight mental lapse on my part, normal service has been resumed--Simon has last week's story, and both Simon and Literotica have this week's story. And also it's Daylight Savings Time tonight, so let your computer do all the work of switching an hour forward because it's the future and with a few exceptions we don't have to worry about that shit anymore. Linkroll time!

The Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive version of this week's story, "Queen of the Silver Dollar", is here: 

(And here's the link to "Windfall", which should have been posted last week but wasn't): 

And here's the Literotica link to "Queen of the Silver Dollar": 

And this week's Early Bird Reward story, "Resistance", will be posted momentarily. Thank you all so very much for your continued support of me and my writing!