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This post has been two years in the making. I first flirted with the idea of launching a Patreon in 2016 while (prematurely) trying to get back on my feet after my father's death. I quickly realized however that it was too soon both for this effort, and for my return to creating online content.  I need to "stop and breathe". Now, as I prepare to launch this page to the world in 2018 it is time once again to "stop and breathe". I get terrible anxiety right before I push a publish button on anything. You'd think by now it would be old hat, but it hasn't! What will people say? What will people think? Is this the right thing? Should I wait? Should I do more? 

For me, at this point in my life, Patreon represents the potential for freedom. The freedom to create and support myself through my creations without perpetually having my hand out to the whims and at times divergent demands of corporate entities. It means being able to develop closer ties to my community of supporters, some of whom have been with me since the beginning. Not just the beginning of TriniGourmet, or the start of my coaching business. But actually the beginning of my life as a digital creator, back in the dorm rooms of Smith College in 1996 when I first launched the web page that would become and "De Rumshop Lime". 

It is my hope that with your support that I"ll be able to continue providing value to you through the ventures that led you here, and that I'll also be able to raise the technical quality of that content.

I also see Patreon as a vehicle through which I can also share more personal sides of my journey with you that I may not feel fit my other more traditional social media platforms. Some of you may have known me in my younger more carefree online diary days. I still miss those at times but I have never felt that form of expression fit my blogs per se. I will share that, as well as the behind the scenes of my creative process and upcoming projects here. 😊 

So... now that you know the Why... here comes the 


Welcome to my Patreon ☺️

x. S

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