My Popcorn Time Alternative - White Raven
My Popcorn Time Alternative ( White Raven ) For Rooted Samsung Smart TV F Series Now Available.

With White Raven you can watch Movies And TV Shows from free video hoster sites!

How to install?

You have 2 options to install:

1. Extract the downloaded zip archive's content to an usb flash drive root directory. Plug in the flash drive to your TV and run the White Raven Installer application. Turn off, then on your TV.

2. Extract WhiteRaven. zip archive content from WhiteRavenData directory to your TV's user widget directoy.  Turn off, then on your TV. 

For now, you need to register a free api key to get movie and tv show links. (This will need to improve [try to find alternatives] in the future.)

!!! You need at least 100MB free space on your television !!!

!!! This is just a beta version !!!
!!! Use this at your own risk !!!

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