The Young Protectors - Ch 3, Page 107

Uh, oh… So, Adam left for New York today, and Vero will return to Argentina tomorrow. We spent the weekend signing over 2500 books for the Kickstarter, and then we had a couple days to just hang out together, for the very first time. I brought them to my favorite restaurants, we talked about comics, future ideas for The Young Protectors, our favorite movies, how we met our partners, and lots more. I’ve always really enjoyed working with Adam and Vero, but I just had the most amazing week with them. I really feel like I have two new best friends. They are just awesome people, and I can’t wait until we are all together again. The “How Spooky Got His Cap” story on the Patreon Page has generated more Comments and Likes than anything else I’ve done so far. And we’re now just $85/month away from unlocking the next Milestone Goal — the NSFW, Full Monty Digital Kickstarter Rewards for Patrons who chose to receive the Special Digital Rewards. These Full Monty Rewards show full-frontal nudity of the adult Young Protectors characters, something that I’ll never show on this site. And if we hit that Milestone Goal, the first thing I’ll send out will be theSexy Height Chart of the Guys, which shows all the male members of The Young Protectors team lined up by height. Curious how our boys measure up? If we hit this Milestone Goal, you’ll get a chance to find out! So! Looks like The Platinum Priestess has heard of Flyboy’s “owl vision” — is there any limit to the number of pop-culture references she has access to? Will Flyboy be able to dodge her attack in time? And what else does The Platinum Priestess have up her sleeve? Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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