Weekly Tarot -- March 12, 2018

(This is called the Expanded Celtic Cross spread -- a very popular spread)

I had the idea last week that I might start sharing some tarot mini readings here for my Patrons and those curious about my Patreon posts--marking them available to everyone. 

Tarot had been a tradition in my family for many, many years. My mother and her sister both were very adept at reading the cards. But, as many things do, the habit died away. My mother passed her cards down to me, but with my dyslexia I struggled to memorize the meaning of each card because her deck was very stark and simple in design—the artwork gave no clues as to what each card might mean. With a handy book by my side, I could give simple readings, answer some questions, but never really delved into the depths of what I should have been able to do.

Discouraged, I bundled the cards up and put them away, for years. Then, I inherited my mother’s Medicine Cards (our family has roots in the Cherokee Nation [for real, not just fake stories a lot of white families believe without any basis in truth]) and these cards really spoke to me. But again, I needed the book to help me remember which cards meant what. And if I couldn’t do it cold, like they do it in the movies, then obviously I couldn’t do it right. So, again, I gave up.

But I have always been drawn to reading the cards. I have always wanted to do it. So I started looking into again. I broke out my mother’s cards and bought a new book to study and tried again. But still, the stark cards were too uniform for me. I could do a reading, but I need that book to help me remember which card is which. 

It was time for me to get my own deck.

It took a lot of soul searching, but I fell in love with the Shadowscapes deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. The artwork is so beautiful and she uses animals that have always called to me. When I opened the deck, I knew, this was my deck. The artwork has clues and helps me remember. I still need the book to help me, but something about reading these cards doesn’t make me feel small for needing the help.

With my dyslexia I found that writing down the cards and their meanings in their place on the spread helps me see the bigger picture the spread is showing me. I don’t read the cards like they do in the movies, but I have found a way to read them that works for me. Maybe one day I’ll be able to read them cold, but for now, I have a method that works and I want to share it with you guys.

So! Today is the first day of sharing a weekly card with you guys. I will do my utmost best to post either Sunday night or Monday morning to give you a direction for the week ahead.

The first card for the first week is the Ace of Swords – Inverted.

(After shuffling and stirring the pot, I cut the deck, and made sure you can see where the deck was cut.)

This seems very appropriate for this first post. The sword cards are about making decisions and taking action. I wanted to start something new for you guys and here I am, making the decision and taking action--despite my nerves and self-doubt. What decision and action have you been putting off? Now may be just the right time to do it.

But caution is warranted; the Ace of Swords puts the power into your hand, not Fate’s, but being inverted tells us that we need to be careful moving forward. I know that offering this kind of advice means a lot to some people, so I'm going to take care as I move forward and be very mindful of how I do this. 

Be strong, but be mindful, your actions (or perhaps overreaction) may cause trouble and chaos. So, use your head and your heart.