Podcast 3: Robert Cohen - One-Person Shows
In the last free SussexActors.co.uk podcast before the early release system for patrons kicks in, I talk to Robert Cohen about what it takes to put on a one-person show. 

In an interview that will be of particular interest to actors that are also writers, Rob confesses to be evangelical about one-person shows as he believes they give back some control to the performer in an industry in which we are rarely in control of where and when we perform. We also discussed:

  • How the shows came about
  • The process of constructing a one-person show
  • Stepping into Shakespeare's universe when writing Something Rotten
  • Squaring Shakespeare's circles
  • Producing and promoting a one-person show
  • Brighton Fringe vs Barnstable Fringe
  • Sympathising with traffic wardens
  • Advice for inviting casting directors to shows
  • Tips for putting a one-person show together
  • What his agents think of his one-person shows

Rob also has a one-person play workshop coming up at Hove Grown, entitled Holding Your Own. It's priced at just £12 (or £10 for Equity members) and you can find full details and book at this link.

As always, your ideas and feedback on the podcast are most welcome. 

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