No Place Like Home - Design Alpha
When I announced my Blades in the Dark hack, No Place Like Home, I wanted it to explore relationships between people in a small community, and the things that people in them don’t talk about, the things that happen behind closed doors, and how those manifest in a world that’s a little weirder perhaps than the one we live in. There are a few games out there inspired by Twin Peaks, and other media like Stranger Things, Oxenfree, and Silent Hill, but none of them really hit the mark of what makes the genre of surreal horror special for me, which is the people in them, their relationships, and how they try to understand the world around them. So I set out to make my own game.

However, as I worked on it, iterated on it, and added more and more mechanics, I felt like it was getting a little bit away from its vision. That it was getting a little less... well, weird

So, I put what I'd made aside, and wrote this, a completely stripped-down version, emphasizing what I want the core loop of the game to look like, and how I want it to feel. 

If you've read my original pitch, you might notice that I’ve de-emphasized small towns in this version; I’ve tried to emphasize instead the feeling of something having changed, of the place feeling isolated or isolating, rather than it being set in a small town, which might not be an experience everyone can relate to.

Please feel free to share this with folks and give feedback!

No Place Like Home Alpha

No Place Like Home Alpha (Dyslexia-Accessible Version) 

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