Newsletter changes
Creating the Finer Things in Tech newsletter is a learning journey for me on a number of levels. I'm still learning about what people want to see, but also how people might want to support it.

I tried the Patreon-only thing for a while but didn't change anything about the newsletter format. Unfortunately, New subscriber growth plummeted. Maybe there isn't enough meat in the newsletter, maybe people want something different, maybe I didn't promote it well enough.

See? Still a big learning process.

I went back to a free-to-everyone model for the newsletter, and subscribers are growing once again. I still welcome Patreon support for the newsletter and the website (thank you!). I am also still working towards creating something Patreon-only that is interesting and full enough to support on an ongoing basis.

This week, I also switched the newsletter from MailChimp to Revue. MailChimp is great, but it also focuses largely on businesses with products to sell. Revue is an interesting alternative that focuses on sharing writing and content from elsewhere on the web, which feels right up my alley.

If you didn't see it in your email, or you are not (yet!) a subscriber, you can check out my first Revue-powered issue.

I love creating stuff like this, so I'm going to keep at it. People really do like the newsletter, so that tells me I'm on to something. I just need some time to figure out where to go next.

Thanks for reading.