The Men of Yoga Happiness
My interest was to gather some of my male students together for a candid discussion about what it's like for men to practice yoga because maybe it might help existing male students as well as those thinking about starting yoga. We discussed why they started yoga, the benefits of yoga, issues with clothing and adjusting, society's expectations, and more!

I hope you enjoy listening to this discussion as much as I enjoyed being part of it. 

NOTE: It wasn't until I imported this that I realized I did a shout out to "Christian" when I meant to say "Sebastian". The moment I said it I knew I was wrong, but his name didn't pop into my head until too late! Sebastian, I apologize! I'm sure Christian's a great guy, but I meant Sebastian.

If there are any male Yoga Happiness students who would like to post their picture and put in some comments, I would love it! I'm sorry we weren't able to accommodate everyone's schedule.

I welcome comments and/or questions from anyone!