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Free Map 043: Clarkesburg Caverns
I usually take inspiration for my maps from actual areas, usually places I've visited. I don't know quite how I came across the caverns this was inspired by, but I can tell you it is practically in the backyard of someone I know. The caves have been somewhat open to the public for over a century, but trying to get a map of the full extent of the cave system is about impossible because it has largely been closed off to the public due to environmental considerations. Internet research yielded what might be part of the cave system that was presented as part of a PowerPoint slide during a scientific conference. Basically the information I was able to recover was a bit scarce, to say the least. On the earlier map I did tweak the scale a bit to bring it in line with another larger adventure I want to write about these caves, but aside form that there is a certain level of authenticity to this cave system that is hard to come by artistically. Speaking of scale, my original attempt was first to create some sort of table-top ready map. When I discovered that the caverns would be roughly 3,000 5ft squares high.....not going to happen. Even making grid squares 100 feet to scale or dropping the resolution down to VTT quality was going to be outside the realm of my computer....and I have a decent computer! In the end I made the map for printing out on an 18" x 24" as a bonus map for some of my Patreons and reduced this free map to standard letter size. I have a Tweak & Toss already in mind, which is inspired by some of the reasons that finding an accurate cave map was difficult to begin with.
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