Real Life Inspirations for Fisheye Placebo
In the latest chapter of the story, the very last panel showed the image detection software categorizing Vance and Frey as "person". This is based off of a real program called YOLO (the creators are pretty funny, you can watch their TED talk here. 

The way the algorithm works is by gathering large samples of data and then calculating the probability of a match. So in the example below (taken from you can see how the mite has a small chance of being a starfish.  

From the youtube video, you can find frames where there's some funny mis-identifications, such as the guy's hand as a dog. 

My SO ran some of my comic panels through YOLO with the threshold lowered to 2% (which means even if there's only 2% of probability, it'll still be identified as such) and we got some funny results.

This potential for mis-identification will be a plot point for the next chapter of the story. Stay tuned! :D