Sailing Opportunity- April 14th in Grenada
Ahoy Patrons! Wanna go sailing and earn some ASA certifications in Grenada?!?!? The other night we had a few beers with our friends from the LTD Sailing School and we worked out this little plan. I think it is a very cool opportunity. If you and your friend/partner are looking to get some sailing experience and a few ASA certs this could be the ticket. It is short notice but the opportunity just came up and we wanted to share. 

If it sounds interesting just reply with “Heck Yeah!” in the comments by Sunday, March 25th. If there is more than one “Heck Yeah” we will do a random drawing to pick the winner. We will pick the winner on Monday, March 26th.   


· Where and when would I fly into? The sailing school is just across the bay from us here in Grenada. You would need to fly into Grenada no later than April 14th.   The sailing is April 15th – April 22nd  You could depart April 23rd, or hang around a few more days and enjoy beautiful Grenada!  Maurice Bishop International is the name of the airport, Jet Blue has good connections from the US. 

· What certifications will be offered? Basic Keelboat (ASA 101), Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103), Bareboat Cruising (ASA 104) and Cruising Catamaran (ASA 114)

· Can I bring my partner, friend, wife, or husband? Yes! This is for two people.

· Is there a cost? The cost is $1,500 total + your airfare. This includes accommodation (your own cabin) and breakfast, lunches, and dinners served onboard for two people. Also included is your ASA membership. You would need to purchase your own ASA textbooks, and any meals eaten ashore. Basically it’s a hell of a deal.

· What boats will I be sailing on? The first two days of training are on a monohull- a J/105. The following five days are on a catamaran.

· Will Delos be around? YES!  We are anchored just across the way and would love to meet up and share a few cold ones :)

Here is the itinerary from our friend Chris at LTD sailing:

We will be spending two days on the J/105 (Dogsmile) sailing in Grand Anse Bay. This part will be shore based - though guests are welcome to stay on the catamaran in Secret Harbour. We will do a welcome BBQ for them when they arrive on the 14th. We will provide breakfast on the catamaran and lunch on Dogsmile. Dinner on the 15th and 16th is ashore, but there are plenty of local cool restaurants. 

We will then be out on the catamaran from 17th to the 22nd. Class starts at 10 am on the first day. Here is a rough outline (weather depending)

 · 17th St. Georges Anchorage (Grenada) - Dinner at Coconut Beach Bar

· 18th Tyrell Bay (Carriacou) - Dinner at the Slipway

· 19th Petit Saint Vincent - Drinks at Goatie's / Cheese Burgers in Paradise on board

· 20th Sandy Island (Carriacou) - Dinner at Tim's Lobster BBQ

· 21st Moliniere Point (Grenada) - Snorkel Underwater Sculpture Park / Dinner on board

· 22nd Back to LTD Sailing (Grenada) - End of Trip BBQ

Here is a link to a video we did showing our typical seven day itinerary:  

Here is a link to the LTD Website-

If you have any other questions just comment below and we will do our best to answer!  Sending big hugs from Grenada- Brady, Brian, Karin, and Alex.

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