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We just had several unusual behaviors occur in cities already testing 5G networks.  We had the Santa Rosa fires, the Austin bomber, and a rookie NFL reciever have a psychotic break in Los Angeles.  Many people will not see the connection because they do not understand the science behind it.  I lay out this science every day on my Dr. Jack Kruse facebook page, my Patreon blog, and on my website forum.  

That is not what this post is about.  This post if about teaching and sharing wisdom about technology networks that are going to be unleashed on large portions of our country.  I expect a massive change in the health of many people in places where 5G is first operational.

We are close to the 5G tipping point.  

What is a tipping point?  

The Tipping Point explains how ideas spread like epidemics and which few elements need to come together to help an idea reach the point of critical mass, where its viral effect becomes unstoppable.

Mitochondriacs need to begin to step up to the plate and stop talking a good game and do something about it now.  

Three kinds of people are responsible for getting ideas to tip:

Malcolm Gladwell specifically points out in his book, Tipping Point,  three kinds of people that turn ideas into epidemics:

  1. Connectors – they have a massive social network, with many acquaintances and allow ideas to spread from one social group to the next.
  2. Salesmen  – the boast about ideas they love and their incredibly positive energy is contagious.
  3. Mavens  – they hoard information, in order to be a source of great tips to their network, the people of which they greatly influence with their advice.

If you want your idea to go viral, getting it in the hands of a few of these key players is crucial to hit critical mass.  I am hoping this video is shared with everyone who you EVEN think might be a person like this.  If you want to help becoming a facilitator of tipping this 5G message is huge.  I am asking you to do something you might not have ever done.  Why I am asking you to do this?  Because all of us are at risk and if your neighbors do not understand how radiation works their use and over use wll get you and your family sick.  

If you thought secondary smoke was risky you have no idea how bad electromagnetic pollution is for your mitochondria and health.  

Genius always strives to answer questions the ordinary forgot to pose.  Each one of you have genius in you put there by nature.  It is time for you to stop ignoring it and engage.

Focus on your genius.  Genius is the recovery of the connection to nature at will.  The mediocrity of modern man knows nothing higher than itself because it drunk on the money tied to technolgy; but talent of nature instantly recognizes genius. Curiosity fuels action which builds wisdom through the collateral damage of discovery.

I'm now begging for your help.  I cannot do this alone.  

Delegate as much as you can that is not your core genius to someone else who can help, and take concrete steps toward the attainment of your goals.

I am doing my part right here right now.  

It's not for the lack of study, or data, or evidence, but simply a lack of discernment about who we trust, before embracing new evolutions in technology. The head of FB just sold 50 million of its users information to weaponize propaganda.

Space X, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, Linkedin, Yelp—the whole field is built on the idea that an individual’s data is a commodity to be mined, without regulation, like bauxite or titanium for profit of the 1%.   

Do not think school boards and churchs are not in the business of doing the exact same thing to you and your kids without your consent.  Here is a picture of a church steeple in an American city.  Your kids are being irradiated everyday in school and teachers now are getting rid of books for latops and ipads because of the wishes of the 1% who run these companies.  The Internet of things needs 5G to operate and it is the most serious viral infection man has ever faced.  It is affecting 7 billion people on Earth.  No virus has had that infective power to harm people.    

Silicon Valley clings to the conviction that “free speech” means that host corporations have no responsibility for the consequential falsehoods, threats, or exploitative images published on their profit-making platforms; that the vast wealth generated by these ventures can be concentrated in the hands of a tiny technocratic elite; and that these companies and their satellites are justified in incorporating in tax havens to protect themselves from even the minimal civic responsibilities incumbent on ordinary businesses. The liberal facade of the tech industry on social issues masks broader rapacious betrayals of the broader social contract with the public.

This situation with 5G is the perfect application of the "boiling frogs" analogy. We are drowning in our ignorance, and gullibility and we are allowing it to happen to us. If people refuse to question, what authorities, government, trusted institutions, and especially the media are selling us, we will surely meet our end. Not as helpless victims who never had a chance or a choice, but as willing participants, who would rather obediently, and orderly march to our doom, than confront the reality of the lies we are sold daily, as truth and fact.

The natural quantum synergies between light frequencies and chemicals, including heavy metals, and radiation, including that emitted by electricity, WiFi, cell towers, cordless phones, cell phones, wireless everything in total will lead to collateral damages few will predict in a 5G world.


Adaptation is not hard at all for those who learn to properly think.  Infact, I am going to tell you the single most important part of “Optimal Health for a mitochondriac” before you change a thing about your diet or exercise program, you must learn to cultivate your mind.  The world is a comedy to those that think really well because they can spot bullshit dogma a mile away; it becomes a tragedy to those that feel they know the answers without really doing the due diligence.

You have to wake up the sleeping people around you what is really going on in California's technology abyss.  

I hope you all realize that one of the things that have me concerned about the AC power grid in combination with the power density is jump conduction.   This means waves forms with unusual topology and frequencies can jump from the 5G network directly on to conductors like the power grid.  Now we have hardcore data that we can find the fingerprints of the 50-60Hz global power grid in the entire ionosphere.  I can only imagine what we will find in our ionosphere in a 5G world.  Just flying in a plane might be a death sentence.   Instead of "Death by a 1000 Papercuts," the nnEMF issue could be described a bit more like "Death by 1000 Points of Light humans built but have never faced before in evolutionary history" There will be many conversations soon where a person will making an argument that one phone's RF/microwave beam isn't going to be a problem for health or the environment. 5G is going to be a lot worse than second-hand smoke risks.  So we can now open up Pandora's Box to make it clear that the entire planet now pulses with 50 and 60 hertz frequencies due to our power grid, and this wasn't happening at all just 150 years ago. You can be sure the skeptic response was "so what." Our responses will be, "yeah, those Van Allen belts don't have any influence on life, do they?"  

They do and here is the proof:    LINK 

I am asking for your help now.  

If you put a limit on what you will do, you put a limit on what you can do.

Most people really don’t want the truth, they just want constant reassurance that what they believe is the truth.  My mouth is not a bakery.  I don’t sugarcoat anything.  If you ask me my opinion I’m going to tell you the truth, no matter what you want to hear.  That is how you help people who remain unaware of what they don’t know is the most important part of the recipe.

That tipping point is here.  Technology using 5G hurts our entire species in ways most of you may not understand.  Understanding now is not important.  We just need you to share the Congressman video above to get the message out we've been lied to by the government that technology has no downsides.  

Today, we got confirmation that the government NTP toxcity study on 2G and 3G networks that showed tumors in mice was confirmed on a larger scale tonight. 


Federal scientists released partial findings in May 2015 from a $25-million animal study that tested the possibility of links between cancer and chronic exposure to the type of radiation emitted from cell phones and wireless devices. The findings, which chronicle an unprecedented number of rodents subjected to a lifetime of electromagnetic radiation starting in utero, present some of the strongest evidence to date that such exposure is associated with the formation of rare cancers in at least two cell types in the brains and hearts of rats. The results, which were posted on a prepublication Web site run by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, are poised to reignite controversy about how such everyday exposure might affect human health.

Researchers at the National Toxicology Program (NTP), a federal interagency group under the National Institutes of Health, led the study. They chronically exposed rodents to carefully calibrated radio-frequency (RF) radiation levels designed to roughly emulate what humans with heavy cell phone use or exposure could theoretically experience in their daily lives. The animals were placed in specially built chambers that dosed their whole bodies with varying amounts and types of this radiation for approximately nine hours per day throughout their two-year life spans. “This is by far—far and away—the most carefully done cell phone bioassay, a biological assessment. This is a classic study that is done for trying to understand cancers in humans,” says Christopher Portier, a retired head of the NTP who helped launch the study and still sometimes works for the federal government as a consultant scientist. “There will have to be a lot of work after this to assess if it causes problems in humans, but the fact that you can do it in rats will be a big issue. This study has been the first that has actually concerned experts and it should scare the hell out of the non-expert.  This is the largest biologic experiment ever put on the human race. More than 90 percent of American adults use cell phones. Relatively little is known about their safety, however, because current exposure guidelines are based largely on knowledge about acute injury from thermal effects, not long-term, low-level exposure as the congreeman mentions in the above video. The International Agency for Research on Cancer in 2011 classified RF radiation as a possible human carcinogen. But data from human studies has been “inconsistent,”  The only reason it is considered inconsistent s because the wireless carriers have hired scientists to create studies that create doubt to the true effects of electromagnetic fields.  If you read my page you already know how powerful these fields are on cells. The researchers found damning findings in this study that as the thousands of rats in the new study were exposed to greater intensities of RF radiation, more of them developed rare forms of brain and heart cancer that could not be easily explained away, exhibiting a direct dose-response relationship. Overall, the incidence of these rare tumors was still relatively low, which would be expected with rare tumors in general, but the incidence grew with greater levels of exposure to the radiation. Some of the rats had glioma—a tumor of the glial cells in the brain—or schwannoma of the heart. Furthering concern about the findings: In prior epidemiological studies of humans and cell phone exposure, both types of tumors have also cropped up as associations.

The part that should send chills down all your backs?  In contrast, NONE of the control rats—those not exposed to the radiation—developed such tumors. For me the smoking gun was that findings were mixed across sexes: I would expect this because of the difference of myelination patterns in nocturnal mice and how their retinae are built to sense radiation.  More such lesions were found in male rats than in female rats.  This implies in diurnal mammals like humans more females would be expected.  This is a clue why females have higher autoimmune conditions in our modern world.  I expect the association to only grow stronger from here.  Cell phones are exponentially worse than cigarettes and I expect the settlement to dwarf big tobacco.  If you continue to ignore the melody of the research of nnEMF you too will be touched by one of these diseases.   HYPERLINK TO NTP 

Now we have a big study confirming the NTP toxicity report results released tonight.  This a big deal here folks.  HYPERLINK  

Before the truth can set you free, you need to identify which lie is holding you hostage. 

How can a physician help patients far outside their clinic?   Don't hate the health/medical media; become the health media by speaking truths of nature online about public health issues that affect us all.  Distribute natural laws yourself to the masses who are starving the truth. Today, readership is highly dependent upon format and distribution as much as it is on content.  Where are you? Where do you 'need' to be? Distribution of health information is the direction where things are going in medicine.  The paradigm mocks this distribution as pseudoscientific. That ignorance is a huge advantage to people like me.  PEER review journals are old media in medicine.  Their rules are no longer my rules.  If you want to change the world you take that change directly to the masses with illness and sickness who are getting Rx’s over truth.  You, just reading and sharing this blog, could make a difference to others.  Distribution takes things from where they are now, to where they are needed for others.   Talents, gifts, and abilities are distributed to us. We are supplied with them and it is our responsibility to stir up those gifts, to fan the flames of those gifts.  So where are you now?

Please help by sharing this blog to everyone you can think of.

Thank you in advance,

Jack Kruse

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