The firstest show and tell post.
Hello again, and thanks for hanging around still.  

I thought I'd show you a bit more what I make and how I use it in my own games, and I'll start with POGS/tokens and 2D terrain/props:

Since I couldn't afford to go buy a bucketload of super-expensive miniatures for my tabletop game I decided I needed to make myself a budget variant. So I ordered a pile of 1 inch/25 mm bingo-chips off of the interwebz, grabbed my trusty iPad and set out drawing circular 22 mm tokens for various PC's, NPC's, monsters, statuses, effects and generic icons that I then printed out, laminated, cut out and glued to the plastic chips. And I think the result was really cool.

These worked really good on the maps I drew and plotted out:

But finding that the battlemaps for random battles and quick scenarios were a bit underwhelming when sketched out on the vinyl battlemap using markers I again turned to the iPad, the laminating press and the trusty scissors. And it didn't take long before I had a few basic terrain and prop pieces that I could make quite effective battlemaps with:

These are some examples of the types of assets I make and how I use them in my own games. 

I've also made portraits for my players and some NPC's:



Item cards and handouts: 

And many, many more. 

Hopefully some of the stuff I share will also be of use to you in your own games. :)


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