Yii development notes #21
Hello everyone!

It's another issue of Yii development notes. This time it's short but news are good.

Yii 2.0

Yii team made two patch releases for 2.0.14 and then released 2.0.15 fixing security issue. Extra patch releases were made for 2.0.12 and 2.0.13 in case developers can't upgrade right now. The issue itself was described in a news announcement.

Imagine and Faker extensions were upgraded.

Yii 2.1

There is some progress on 2.1 branch. Paul Klimov made a post about it recently. You can already try installing 2.1.

Yii-related websites got HTTPS

YiiFeed, YiiPowered and yiiframework.ru were migrated to HTTPS. It was quite easy with Let's Encrypt and certbot. If you have a website and SSH access, give it a try.

Official website launched!

Finally we've launched new official website. You can see it at the usual yiiframework.com addrees. Its source code is available so you find a bug or want to improve it, feel free to do so.