Inheritance A9 Public Build
New build is ready for anyone who wants it!  A9 is Free to everyone through the provided links!  A10 is early access content.  And A10 CHEAT is early access with the cheat menu that allows you to customize the girls' stats as you see fit.


"After the passing of your estranged Great Uncle, you're surprised to find yourself listed as the sole heir to his estate.  With all the legal unpleasantness out of the way, you're now on your way to your new home.

Not sure what to expect when you arrive, you don't know if you're going to sell the mansion or live there, but once you step inside your entire world changes when you are suddenly faced with the fact that you now own two slave girls.

What do you do with them?  Do you follow in your Great Uncle's footsteps and use them for your own pleasure?  Do you treat them like servants?  Or do you nurture a relationship with them that just might blossom into something more, . . ."


I encourage everyone to try the free build of the game first. If you like it and want to show a little support, that's awesome. If you'd prefer to simply enjoy the free builds, then that's ok too. The important thing is that you enjoy the game!

It would seem that some people have been having trouble opening the rar files, as such, I added a zip version for each build as well.



-Added new interactive scene for Anna.

-Added new interactive scene for Eve.

-Added to Eve's Seduction path in the form of extending Eve's master bedroom scene.

-Added a new option to NPCs that allow you to see their character stats (Eventually this will be modified to use descriptive text and have the option to switch between descriptive and number display.)

-Added a mansion Schedule to the sidebar so you can see the mansion routine as well as locate girls easier.

-Added new sleep scenes for when you wake up with Anna.

-Added new conversation for Eve.

-Added Anna handjob branch in sauna related to the winning contest entry from February.

-Fixed a bunch of old code that was hanging up many of the conversation scenes.

-Fixed some old code that was hanging up some of the Anne bed time content.

Fixed some old code that was hanging up one of the bathing room events.

-Added five new images to the game.

-Resized some obnoxiously large images.

-Fixed a host of spelling errors.

-Fixed several small bugs.

-And I worked on enough stuff this build that odds are pretty good that I forgot a couple of small items as well.

-Updated the Special Thanks area for the project with Patrons who are pledged at appropriate levels.  Last updated 3/20/18


-Added the next segment of Eve's seduction path to include feeling her up and giving hand jobs.

-Added a new interactive scene involving both girls that can play out in the kitchen in the hour before meals if you have middling or good relationship stats with both girls.

-Added a new scene for Eve that can play out at any relationship level in many of the rooms in the mansion so long as she is assigned to work inside of the house.

-Updated the Special Thanks area for the project with Patrons who are pledged at appropriate levels.  Last updated 3/2/18


Enjoy the game?  Interested in an upgrade?  Want to show a little support?

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A10 CHEAT Build (CHEAT Build with early access):

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