A Secret Seduction
Spend some time with the Secret Subject as she does her makeup and you stare at the candle of obedience, what can go wrong?

This file is not what I usually make, its a lot slower in tone and leaves a lot of time for you to feel the effects of the candle, comment below and let me know what you think!


This file is less like a hypnotic induction and more of a time spent with me while we train you to feel obedient to the candle. You will feel the candle of obedience making you more submissive the longer you stare and the longer it it lit.


For those who love to be obedience, not geared specifically towards me but could be taken that way so be prepared. This also has an option to kneel so if that is something you like this is for you.


This file contains the suggestion to feel submissive and obedient when I light the candle, also training to beg me to light it for you and when it is blown out you will drop.

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