OSW Update! (March 26th)
^^ Lord Alfred visits NoggerU (thanks Carl!)


Here's your OSW Update for this week about all the do-ins and splendiferous happenin's going in at OSW HQ:

ABRAXAS film review dropped last night! Super happy with how it turned out, and that we got to mark out over Jesse Ventura's wrestling and film career. I couldn't believe my eyes seeing the quality of the legit DVD (it looked like someone taped it off the TV in the early 90s!) shockingly it hasn't gotten a blu-ray release but it is on YouTube in full, I highly recommend not searching it out :P

Welcome to our new NoggerU freshmen! Just to make sure everyone knows where all the goodies are, check this post for ALL THE GOOD STUFF!

The easiest way might be to just click this tab (or bookmark this link!) which is on the left hand side on the main page, all the best stuff is tagged with that!

Like what, you ask? In addition to the AXCLOOSIV film reviews, there's also deleted scenes of OSW episodes, our LIVE SHOW from last year and my new series that I started in January, OSW PLAYLIST (where I review stuff I've been watching/playing that month!) Speaking of....

NEW OSW PLAYLIST VIDEO ON WEDNESDAY! It's 26m long covering a AAA game and a film!

WHAT BARS BEING SENT OUT THIS WEEK! We spent Saturday wrapping them and it'll cover everyone who pledged $10 or more from October-December 2017. Next batch will cover Jan-March 2018, and also anyone who might've slipped through the cracks (which is my biggest fear!). I'll update when OSW Membership cards are being sent out, I've over 1,000 of 'em! Apologies for the delay, even if you stop donating I'll find a way to get you your card! 

OOC returns with a deep dive into "Fatal Deviation" which is Ireland's answer to Samurai Cop. I can't wait to finish editing it and you guys to see!

And on the horizon:
APRIL: OSW 71, WrestleMania 34 with Jay, V1 & Maffew
MAY: OSW 72, first episode of the new story arc with Jay, V1 & OOC

If you're wondering about who appears on what show:
• OOC (and myself and V1) will be in all "main" releases (ie old school PPV reviews and big film releases eg The Room, Watchmen, Fatal Deviation...)
• Jay & v1 (and Maffew if available) do modern WWE PPV reviews (I've no plans atm to do any more in 2018 after WM34)
• Jay & V1: NoggerU Film Reviews
• OSW Playlist is Jay-only
• V1 Game reviews is V1-only

Phew! So TL/DR? (Too long, didn't read)
Wednesday OSW Playlist!
Saturday Fatal Deviation!

Alriiiiiiighty back to slavin' :D Any questions or comments hit me up below, and remember.... a winner is you!


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