URGENT PREDICTIONS! US and EU are Actively Building New Iron Curtain and Berlin Wall Against Russia!
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Mass expulsion of Russian diplomats is underway in the USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy and other EU countries. The most are being expelled from the US - 60 in total. US is also closing yet ANOTHER Russian consulate on its territory!

And EU/UK/US threaten MORE anti-Russian measures soon. Russia promises counter-measures. Click to watch:

EU & US announce mass coordinated expulsion of Russian diplomats over Skripal case 



US and EU are actively building new Iron Curtain and Berlin Wall Against Russia!

Dark State on full attack mode!

How can we change the status quo and get out of this vicious cycle?

Look at the timing! Just after Putin's re-election, just before World Cup (see my Skripal pieces on FT for full analysis!). Another 'just' : Just after Trump 'dared' to call to congratulate Putin on the election win and just after he suggested a Russia-US summit with a pretty robust agenda! 

And yet another set of reasons for this escalation! In this set of reasons the logic is NOT TO ALLOW THE COUNTRIES WHO WANT TO GET CLOSER TO RUSSIA TO DO SO.

Here we have:

1. Nord Stream-2, and with that, Russia's relations with Germany, Austria, Italy and Hungary;

2. Ukraine's Kiev junta and the fact that Russia is preparing to discontinue gas transit through Ukraine. This will essentially bankrupt Ukraine and make it almost unusable as a weapon against Russia. The gas disputes between Ukraine and Gazprom and the absolutely incongruent anti-Gazprom verdict by Stockholm arbitrage were orchestrated for the same reason - to try to stop Russia from shifting its gas transit away from Ukraine. 

3. Another point about timing! The anti-Gazprom verdict took place after the winter is almost over. Most of these things they wouldn't dare do when it's cold, for fear of losing Russian gas!

I had warned that the collapse of the aggressive West won't be pretty in 
Expect even more ugliness soon! 

As I have predicted many times over, the aggressive, yang and imbalanced West is in the process of collapsing, but differently than the USSR did, hence INVERTED COLLAPSE. Through this process, the West is ready to drag everyone into abyss with them, or, if they can help it, save themselves by stepping over everyone else's bodies. This is what makes US/UK/EU so dangerous. They are ready for any low-life actions to save themselves, including lies, provocations, false flags, fake news, wars and mafia-style banditry. 

I also -- not by accident -- mentioned 'The Lord of the Flies,' as a hint, more than once. To me, that hideous but very poignant English lit classic signifies the true nature of the West.

The Skripal scandal was clearly a pretext to continue the anti-Russian escalation and to drag more countries in it, which perhaps try to resist it. It is clear that the Skripals were just pawns, styled as sacrificial lambs, in order to start this new multi-prong major anti-Russian provocation (see more in my Skripal posts on FT). 

These major multi-prong hybrid war provocations have been done by the West regularly. Those who are not blind, should be able to connect the dots. I wrote about them all. Recall my many posts describing the true nature of: 1. The 2008 Saakashvili/Georgia war in S. Ossetia; 2. Kiev 2014 Maidan and coup, with subsequent civil war; 3. Anti-Russian sanctions 2014-2017 and attack against the ruble; 4. Gas wars; 5. Expulsion of Russian diplomats from the US in 2017; 6. The downing of the Russian jet by Turkey 2 years ago, 7. The Olympics doping and banning scandals, and many more. 

The timing of the latest Skripal provocation is clearly selected to coincide with the Russian Elections, to punish Putin, Russian elites for not bending to the West, and to punish all Russians and all of Russia. They keep hoping that if they apply even more pressure, some elites and some citizens may start betraying Putin and Russia. 


They are so sorely mistaken: this will cause Russians to only further unite around Putin and the patriotic forces. 

But they were also looking for another angle - a new opening - into creating a whole new reality of vilifying Russia for the benefit of the Western sheeple. And in that they are succeeding. Sorry to say, that's how ignorant, and therefore easy to dupe, the Western sheeple are. Low calibrations and extreme egotism are big problems of the West, and such people are very easy to manipulate. 

What I am not happy about is that this may cause the fracturing of the worldwide web and the internet, since Russia will be compelled to enforce protective measures. I don't want this to happen as then some of my people won't be able to easily listen to me and get the exclusive insight I offer, but I would understand Russia. 

The West also clearly doesn't get that the tables have been turned and this IS the TIME OF RUSSIA, as I described and predicted in EARTH SHIFT WEBINAR 4: PERIOD 8 GLOBAL PREDICTIONS.

But that's actually Ok, and even good, that the Dark State and so many sheeple don't get it. When they finally wake up, it'll be too late and the EARTH SHIFT would have gone too far for them to do anything to reverse it. 

Mafia-style: this is yet another way for the West's Dark State to bind everyone by blood, so there is no way out of it. 

And remember, all this is clearly done with one single MEGA purpose in mind: to prevent Russia the Great Balancer from successfully rebalancing the world. As a bonus: it is done so to scare off those countries and those leaders that may have been thinking about joining Russia.

Should Putin Meet With Trump? Why? Watch These Hot Debates Between Russian Pundits - ENG

This is another debate, and again sorry to say, Russians are extremely disappointed in the West and the people there. With a good reason, too. This is how many Russians feel today -- and don't tell me I didn't predict and warn this would happen! Russia tried and tried to cooperate with the West, and instead, The West always tried to intimidate, swindle and vilify Russia. 

Don't miss - very telling! One of the top, recommended by me, Russian analysts Sergey Miheev: Years of Russian Cooperation Wasted, Only Force Will Prevail Now - ENG.

Miheev confirms in his own words, what I have been telling you since 2012. It was first described in my novel THE EARTH SHIFTER. And of course, this postulate is the central prediction of my EARTH SHIFT - GREAT BALANCER SYSTEM.

To the West, Russia is eternal enemy and any accusations, however idiotic or false, against Russia are justified because she is the only force standing in the way of Western aggressions and globalism. Russia is the only counterpoint, and this is how it always was, whether it was called the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union or Russian Federation. 

This is one and only reason the West hates Russia with such all-consuming hatred. 

Russia's attempts to cooperate or play nice are only perceived as a sign of weakness, not that of true strength, coming from high calibration and from a higher-dimensional space.

Contempt, suspicion, jealousy and animosity - this is how kindness and goodness are perceived from the 2nd and low 3rd dimensions, in which the Dark State and many Western elites exist. The only thing they understand is direct and brutal force. 

Many are asking me: when will this end, how to change this status quo? 

This will only change when humanity in general will raise its calibration well above what it is today, at least to 200, or preferably better. Then and only then the masses will not be able to be manipulated by the Dark State and globalist elites.

This topic deserves a lot more than I am able to tell you in an article. I will be expanding on it in my future BOOKS nad WEBINARS.





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