Ruin Weekly Update
Ruin Community Update 

Guild Meeting Notes

As the RUIN gaming community continues to expand, hosting over 10,000 active members with 5,000 registered on Discord, a need to facilitate and organize common procedure, training protocol and general information for use in multiple gaming platforms has arisen. 

Gaming News

Community News

Executive Summary

Achieving the core mission of providing the best gaming and online community experience possible requires strong communication infrastructure and feedback mechanism to ensure a continual process of improvement. 

  • Additional Officers and technical specialists are required
  • Gaming News and Updates for current and upcoming games

Expanding the Warrant Officer Department with additional Technical Officers and information officers to assist in scheduling, communicating and supporting team activities across all RUIN branches is a critical initiative for 2018. 

Extensive use of modern social media and integrated peer reviewed and edited rules, expectations and guidelines for all members is a critical goal for RUIN in 2018.

Goals and objectives for each branch are generated by guild members and officers to ensure comprehensive content completion. Ensuring guild growth and an exceptional gaming experience for all Ruin Members 


Mobilizing the RUIN community to contribute time, expertise resources and build the best possible teams for progression in PVP and PVE is the central guild focus. 

Support for current and upcoming content will be achieved through frequent news updates on the RUIN Discord, additional channels and support resources will be continually provided. 

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