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Manukea Province Topographic Map
Last month, we began our trip around the Kingdom of Meryath with Te-Puirea Province; this month, we continue by moving south to complete Leiliti Island with Manukea Province.

Manukea is the southernmost town in the Great Caldera, while the southernmost point of land is Cape Matakiterangi. Jutting out into the Calderan Sea Ring, you have to wonder how far away the Dread Lands are; for this reason, it seems probable that the seas not all that far from Manukea may be quite dangerous.

Perhaps you've already noticed the proliferation of fortifications all around the outer edges of the Great Caldera. What could these be protecting people from?

Back to the map itself... Last month I provided a border, forgetting that I had decided against doing so. This month, I'm trying it with no border, so you can tell me which you prefer.

I'm very proud how the mountains here turned out. It really makes me want to go exploring on Moua-Kamoa, which looks quite formidable indeed.

Edit: Here's the hex grid version! This will be fun to compare with the upcoming hex map, too.

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