Short Yoga Sequence: 21:23 Mins (Audio Only)
I've been fighting this off for years, but you all finally broke me. 

Here's an audio recording of my standard opening warm ups, the Classical Sun Salutation (2x), savasana, and my usual ending.

The poem read at the end is by Susan Polis Schutz from her book, "Don't Ever Give Up Your Dreams". My grandmother gave me that collection of poems back in 1989. 

Here's the poem:

You are a wonderful, worthy, and lovable person.

Appreciate that about yourself.

No one every has been or ever will be quite like you.

You are an individual, an original.

And all those things that make you uniquely you

Are deserving of love and praise.

I hope you enjoy this sequence. If you have comments, questions, or suggestions, please leave them in the comments!