POLL TIME! New Series, New Covers

Hi guys! So I've had the next idea for a series simmering for months and now I can finally get moving on it. I am SO EXCITED! For a writer, starting a new series is kind of like opening a present... But what to wrap it in? 

Let's talk covers.

The new fantasy series is going to be set on a distant planet that started as a mining colony and is still pretty wild and rough -- imagine colonial United States with a bit more tech, lots of magic and a mixed population of regular humans and chimeras (descendents of the genetically modified miner settlers). Main character Nikta is going to be witchy chimera -- mostly human looking, of asian descent with some cat ears. She's works delivering messages... Each book will be a stand-alone, a la Dresden Files or Nancy Drew.

SO here's the thing. Would you be more drawn to a cover that depicts Nikta along with some witchy swirls of light with the world in backdrop, OR do you think it would be fun to have just her messenger bag on the cover with elements of the plot and magic hinted at (in this case some mail with red light/energy swirls coming from them). With the latter cover idea, the bag would continue to be shown in different aspects on the series covers. Below are two different examples from the fantasy genre of what I am thinking about (and they happen to be good books, too, worth checking out!)...

And here is a mockup of Nikta and her messenger pack...

Magical Messenger Bag


Witchy Character

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