March 2018 - Heroes Never Die Well
What a whirlwind of a month March has been! But you don't need me to tell you that, because our encounters are super late! Now that they have arrived, let's start with our elemental archon showcase.

Elemental archons are big, nasty elementals that form when a powerful mortal's souls goes to the wrong place. No, I don't mean hell. When they somehow end up in an elemental plane, that's just not a sustainable situation. The soul twists the elements around it, struggling to get free, and the plane eventually has enough and an "immune system" response of sorts ejects the soul and whatever mass it can exert control over. The result is an elemental archon.

This encounter features an earth archon and a couple of earthy genie types teaming up to stop corrupt merchants from using a canyon pass. Earth archons are melee bruisers who can eat the weapons used to attack them. They're as smart a dumb goat and as strong as six giants tied to the same stick.

If you like the elemental archon here and want to see three more you can check out a promo PDF from the Total Party Kill Bestiary with exactly that: download the elemental archon promo right here

Okay, that's enough preamble! The encounter is attached, the map is attached, and I'm immediately going to post our second encounter for March, so expect that in your inboxes in a matter of minutes!

Steven Gordon - 2CGaming

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