It's Launch Time!

Well, tomorrow is the big day. After having talked about this new project  for so long, it is finally becoming a reality.

If you are seeking to navigate your spiritual journey and don't know what  you believe or where you fit, the Misfit Faith Community is designed just for  you. We will be doing regular book studies together with discussion and Q&A,  all live in the Misfit Faith Community group on Facebook. In addition to this,  the Community will give us all an opportunity to meet and connect with new  people whose journeys are similar to our own.

To join, click on the $10 Patrons button on the right-hand sidebar of my Patreon page and sign up. Beginning tomorrow afternoon I will start  adding you to the Facebook group, and our first book study will be my own book,  Misfit Faith: Confessions of a Drunk Ex-Pastor (the deluxe audio  version is available here).
I am really looking forward to getting to know you all better and  playing a role in helping you experience spiritual transformation away from  guilt and fear and towards mercy and love.
Sign up now!