"While they call us crazy, we'll make crowns of daisies"
It's a girl power song.

A few months ago I was featured on a podcast called Dirt in Your Skirt.
This podcast audience is listening to stories of outrageous women stepping out of the norm and conquering their most intimate fears.  The women featured are not only taking a stand and living authentic lives...  

Dirt in Your Skirt women are leading the charge.

The award-winning host, Margaret Schlachter, asked me to write the podcast's theme song! Such an amazing honor.  Hot off the press, it will debut on the podcast starting tomorrow!

"The few friends I have shared it with this morning have all said they feel the brand, myself, and the podcast are all in this two minutes of song/storytelling.  I am pretty happy with the end product and a huge thank you to Emily Potter for the hard work she put into creating this original piece." -Margaret Schlachter, host and producer of Dirt in Your Skirt Podcast

From one leader of the world to another. 



Music and Lyrics by Emily Potter

Written for the "Dirt in Your Skirt" podcast 


She said I had to stop caring

What they think of me

What they want to see

What a girl’s supposed to be

I woke up this morning

In a cold sweat warning

To give another way a whirl

And be the leader of the world

Wanna be brave today

When the crowd is shunning

I’ll be the one running

Getting dirt in my skirt

I stomp my foot down

In my boots and queen’s gown

Yeah I’m that kind of girl

I’m the leader of the world

So meet me in the pines

Why watch from the sidelines

We’re the diamonds, we’re the pearls

We’re the leaders of the world

While they call us crazy

We’ll make crowns of daisies

Coronate our braids and curls

As leaders of the world

Click on the link to hear my episode on the Dirt in Your Skirt podcast:




Emily Potter is the "Gift Economy" Musician (5 Minute Video)