Suggest-A-Sketch Feb/March #2 - J.N. Squire
"What about two tikedi cutely nuzzling each other muzzle, maybe Jahrd parents? :3 (I'm probably thinking this because of Valentine Day)." - J.N. Squire


Annnnnnd... I just couldn't get into drawing Jahrd's parents, somehow. I think it's because I just don't have that many couples in the story to begin with and they're... kind of the staple one. I tried it, I wasn't feeling it, and then Tim reminded me that I'd just written another couple into the story fairly recently. That one worked! Mostly because it's new material, I think.

The moral is that I need to mash more of my characters together while shouting "Now KISS." Clearly.

For now: cuddly ladies! We get cuddly ladies.

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