5 more facts about me (+photos)
5 more facts about me for my dear patrons

1) I worked as content manager in 2 companies: music studio and fitness gym. As I'm a photographer and know how to write selling text, I created content that attracted clients

2) I'm in love with music. My dream is to learn playing a guitar. And later, maybe, piano. I need to think a bout it :)

3) This year I was workin in a photography studio as... interior designer! I prepared 2 places - warm and grey loft for photoshoots.

4) I'm an animal lover. Even worked as volunteer in a shelter for stray dogs.
There were and still are cats in my family as pets. We also had a dog, a rat. As you see I'm not afraid of any kind of animals (in 2013 was an organizer of photoshoots with snakes ;)

Photo & Retouch -  Taisia Petrovna
Model - Lesya
Creative director - Alex Litt

5) My favorite season is autumn. Despite that fact that I like spring blooming of nature, I admire plenty of autumn colors - it's the brightest season!