18 C / 5 / Retsio Aeris
I dropped Lianne off at the neighbours house today. I never really got to draw her tail properly, so I might have to draw her from memory when I’m on the road.
I arrived at the fringe of the market, pleasantly surprised by the grandiose attire of the bare looking fellow. He had donned a deep viridian coat, with curving, swooping stripes from its buttons. And the lapels! Oh my it was beautiful. I will make sure to sketch you a picture of the fellow while we’re riding. I’ll have to include the peculiar creatures he had drawing his carriage as well. They look to be cattle of a sort. Big burly things, with large horns. They almost look like trees, oh how I would like to decorate their horns during the Lunari festivities.
But anyway, I need to get back on track. We departed the village today, we made our way through the outskirts of the deep, thick wood that surrounds the village. All the little village children chased us out of town, waving their little swords and shields, as if driving off a ferocious creature. Oh how I will miss them, everyone has been so kind to me since fathers passing. But there is a whole wide world out there. I’m sitting in the carriage right now, just detailing my sketch of the creature drawing our carriage. They seem quite lax in disposition. As long as they’re fed, they lay out right in the space in front of the carriage in a heap. Snoring peacefully.
The Primean man, Therris of the South he calls himself. Quite the name I must say, I wonder what his mother was thinking? Now as I bid you farewell, I ponder. Is there a Therris of the North? Are the two well acquainted? So many pressing questions trouble my mind, as I doze off to sleep.

Ophelia Vi Farakiin