18 MCollings Clip Studio Paint Brushes! (+ 2 Palettes)

This a collection of my very favorite custom brushes that I have made. Please reach out with any questions. 

Kit includes:

3 Pencil brushes

4 Animation Pencils

2 Blender Brushes

2 Watercolor/ Ink Wash brushes

3 Inking Pens

4 Painting brushes

2 Palette Sets for Clip Studio Paint

List of Brushes:

Pencil Brushes

MC Pencil Chisel (favorite for sketching and studies)

MC Pencil (clean digital sketching)

MC Pencil Fill (Fill large areas of sketch with lower opacity fill)

Animation Pencils

MC Pencil Blue (Blue locked digital sketching)

MC Pencil Fill Blue (Matching blue locked fill)

MC Pencil Red (Red locked digital sketching)

MC Pencil Fill Red (Matching red locked fill)

Blender Brushes

MC Blender Opacity Painty (blends down to very small pressure, a little paint texture)

MC Blender Opacity (basic blender, but less airbrushy and digital, looks organic)

Watercolor/Ink Wash Brushes

MC Wash Dark (fine, subtle texture, buildable darker wash)

MC Wash (fine, subtle texture, buildable, goes well with ink pens)

Ink Pen Brushes

MC G-pen Taper Smooth (basic inker, but very smooth. I use this for inking digital assets like emotes)

MC G-pen Thick Thin (My go to inky variation brush when I want lots of natural ink feel)

MC Inker Thick Smooth (Basic inker, but less taper, gives a very clean, smooth line without actually being a monoline or marker brush)

Painting Brushes

MC Inker Opacity Blend (My go to for digital painting. has blending built in at low pressure)

MC Inker Gouache Blendy (Gouache-y illustrative painter, has some blending for something between watercolor and acrylic)

MC Inker Gouache (Gouache- illustrative painter, no blending. Great for flat Posca pen type painting)

MC Inker Opacity Smooth (A good pressure Opacity brush with no size changing, great for shadows and awesome paired with the Painty Blender, I use this brush for edge lighting on Emotes a lot)


Jelly Gouache Palette (color picked from some of my favority Jelly Gouache kits)

MCollings Art Palette (my most used colors. Including my weird grey purple shadow tones.)

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