B2BCyCon - Science Fiction Blog Tour

Hello, lovely readers and writers! The Brain to Books Cyber Convention 2018 has arrived! We have tons of fun things planned for all genres this year, but if you're here you probably have a preference for things of a futuristic or alien nature, otherwise known as Science Fiction. Click HERE to see everything happening this weekend for Science Fiction.

I'm Kylie Jude, (also known in many places as Kylie Kerosene, and in few places, Kylie Kraken) - that's a lot of names and a lot of K's, but during the convention I'm also known as Kaptain Kylie of the S.F. Soiree (our Facebook event happening on Saturday which anyone is free to join HERE

I'm also an author myself, though my Science Fiction series The Undying Chronicles is still in the works. I can't tell you much but I can tell you it involves a girl with robot arms, a giant alien-robot race, space travel, epic romance, robot dogs, and many plot twists. If that intrigues you at all, feel free to follow me on Facebook and Twitter, and if not, feel free to follow me anyway. And it's not SciFi but I do have a creepy short story on Amazon if you want to read it in the meantime: just click HERE.

I also co-founded a production company called Frozen Creek Studios, where I make book trailers for authors, among many other things. We also make book covers, help with branding, and are even getting into doing audio books in our unique style, complete with sound effects, music, and both male and female voices. You can find a full list of our services and book your online appointment with us HERE, and you can follow us and see some of our work on Facebook HERE and on Youtube HERE

By the way, if you're a returning convention goer this year, you might notice that I've moved from my website to Patreon. That's because I lost my site while we were moving house and didn't have electricity, and haven't been able to get it back since. So, Patreon is my new home. Please feel free to check out my page HERE and look through all the rewards I offer Patrons - discounts on Frozen Creek Studios services are one big thing, and my debut album with a Science Fiction theme is another! Speaking of which, since we all love aliens here (at least I hope so) here is the album cover I designed for it: 

And now, at last, what you've all been waiting for - the blog tour! Click on a name to view that author's blog entry for this year's convention. We don't have many signed up for the blog tour this year, but we DO have some good ones! Enjoy: 

Timothy Bateson 

Stephen B. Pearl