Voting Feedback requested + Agent mission updates!
If you haven't already, please check my post describing the ideas for the next female pov game here.

Vote here on the player character you'd prefer. As usual taking a bit to write out why you voted a certain way goes a long way then just statistics.

As for my own thoughts, Yukino makes the most sense initially. But that is based on the current story idea. Could change it up a bit.

I know Maiko is more familiar for people. I read a post on svp that basically said Maiko and Umichan games should be identic. So alternatively I could have a reason Maiko attend the Academy. Maybe Alma wants her closer to her, or she actually does get captured then convinced to go through agent training. lot of lore there to have it make sense.

Custom character I'd imagine would be similar to Yukino. But detailed differences for the random character I haven't thought of yet. It could also be like UMCH where custom character is used for bonus alternate stuff that wouldn't make sense for Maiko to do. It what the Random girls were designed for in the first place.


Agent mission ideas here:




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