To fans present and future-

This is my last week as (an official) member of the SMOSH team. On April 13th, I’m stepping away as Creative Director of SMOSH to work full time on THE VALLEYFOLK. I'm excited to say the launch of our Patreon gifted us with a wonderful opportunity to build up something new and truly special. In order for that to happen, I need to nourish the opportunity with my time, effort, and musky sweat juice. Also, I am a bird.

The last three years with SMOSH have been nothing short of an absolute pleasure. I created alongside some of the hardest-working, inspiring, non-stop imaginative people in front of and behind the camera. I’m incredibly proud of all the awesome projects we pumped out and those awesome projects are represented by deep notches in my hickory-scented “Awesome Projects Belt.” That belt wraps around my dainty waist and holds up my “Rad Comedy Pants.” I love everyone in our SMOSH family so much and I’m very confident that they will take the brand to new heights as I saunter off into The Valley.

I also want to shout out a mighty warm thanks to the rest of DEFY. Everyone in the organization provided unbelievable support through all of our insane creative endeavors and all the talent inside the walls gifted me with a magnificent education. That support radiated outside of the realm of work. That’s a human quality I’d like to celebrate. When my family navigated through rough patches on the home front, everyone at SMOSH and DEFY met the situation with genuine concern and beautiful understanding. I can’t thank everyone enough. 

Moving forward, I’ll be throwing 100% of myself into building up The Valleyfolk into a multi-platform-comedy-entertainment-super-duper-production-something-or-other alongside Elliott Morgan, Lee Newton and Steve Zaragoza. This new opportunity to create a crowd-funded comedy production company is exhilarating and only possible thanks to our audience and this crazy Internet world. I cordially invite anyone reading this to follow and support our journey here on our Patreon as we’re bringing everyone along for the ride and every bit of support helps us take The Valleyfolk to the next level. 

To the SMOSH fans, thank you for embracing me and watching all our shows. From SMOSH LIVE to Summer/Winter Games and Every Blank Ever to One Hour Song Machine you were the best. And don’t fret, because I plan on constructing a sturdy bridge that connects the robust, fertile land of SMOSH to the majestic, sun-swept peaks of The Valleyfolk.

In closing, I’d just like to say that, contrary to a previous statement, I am not a bird. I am mostly sure of this fact. This knowledge is bequeathed as a precious reward to all who ventured far beyond the opening paragraph. Enjoy the sweet serenity that accompanies living a life blessed with the certainty of knowing you are not amongst Bird People. 

THANK YOU and please consider supporting our crazy new venture.