All right it's time to talk about what I will try to be doing this month! I'm going to start underestimating myself instead of overestimating, because every time I set these super unrealistic goals and can't reach them I feel absolutely awful. So I'm just going to aim for a chapter of Skiagraphia, the associated bonus content with that, and a PDF for this month. I'm still working on another story to submit for publication and the deadline is at the end of this month, so I still have that as basically 'invisible' work, that I'm doing but nobody sees and takes up a lot of my time. Oh yes, and I also realized I NEVER POSTED the Milestone Goal story. That'll go up in a few days! And that's something only you guys on the Patreon see. Also, I'll take any suggestions for the PDF! Otherwise I'll just pick something random, but if any topic seems particularly interesting to someone I've got no problem doing that.
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