Hiatus Time! Ask Reader Questions Here!
I'm about to post the last page of Illuminations up on the main site, so I'm making a little "what I will be doing during the hiatus" post here!

I'm not sure how long the hiatus will run, I'm afraid, and it might be a little while. I've put a lot of things off over the past couple years while working to finish Illumination, and I'd like to focus on those a little bit during the break.

Reader Questions
I'll be starting Reader Questions again on April 16th and posting a question every weekday! You can ask your questions here! I'll give patrons priority on answering questions, but most of the time I'll answer the questions that I think will be the most fun to draw.

Pin Club
Patreon Pin Club will still be running! I'm currently waiting on the Eleanor pins for March to ship, and the Stanley ones for April are in production as well!

Other Things I Want/Need To Do
-Update the Website
-Write future Skin Deep scripts
-Clear out Commissions Queue
-Edit and put together 4th Skin Deep book

There are a few other things I'd like to do during the hiatus, but those things are mostly "make various types of art" so I don't really need to list them. The hiatus might be a long one, but I'll be around online the whole time giving updates, so hopefully it won't feel that long! Thanks again for all your patience during this time, I really needed a break and I'm looking forward to coming back with a great new storyline for you!

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