Nature and Technology
I have long been a contrast between nature and technology, adoring both, can't get enough of either.

Is that strange?

I have had an intimate relationship with God's awesome creation since I was a very small child.  After being horribly abused, I would run to nature for healing.  I would sit at the base of a tree and watch the ants crawl and the wind blow.  I would listen to the birds sing, and I would offer up my own tiny voice in praise to "He who OWNS all this".  I had no word for "God" or any idea that people tried to explain Him.  I was three years old, and I just KNEW Him.  It was His breath that HEALED me each time humans would harm me.

Although I started making little worksheets, paper games, and "Fun Pads" when I was about five years old, I didn't find technology and start creating digital versions until I had been homeless and home-schooling for a time, lol.  In 1997 by last child was born, and so was my exposure to computers and the internet.  By 2004, I had created hundreds of pages of educational materials and had coded my first website from scratch using HTML in MS Notepad, heehee.

Today, my children are all grown, with two choosing the path of college education and the other two choosing military service.  I have remarried to my "Real Deal" -- the man who has been my "soul mate" since I was 12 years old -- and we are living more in tandem with both nature and technology than ever before.  We are "homeless nomads" living in a tiny popup camper, and our sole income at this time is what I make from my websites and digital products.  My Mate loves nature and its Maker about as much as I do, but he does not share my love for technology, lol.  So he gets stuck doing ALL the driving and most of the cooking (BBQ on fire!), as well as some of the "dirty work" like emptying our little portable potty -- poor man.  LOL.

Today I finished my second extensive After Effects video, but I cannot link to it because it was a birthday gift for one of my sons, and I want to respect his privacy.

However, I also shot and edited several video clips and hi res photos of these 30-some turtles who have been sunning themselves on a log floating in a pond right by the little bathroom I visit several times every day.  I finally was able to get close enough to them today, after very s-l-o-w-l-y making my way along the tips of rocks in order to not crunch on leaves and spook them. 

That was just the most recent moment of nature and technology bliss for me, haHA!  

I look forward to creating and releasing a great many more videos, photos, animations, and interactive eBooks which will combine my two great fascinations.

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THANK YOU for reading!!  :O>

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