Dang, didn't intend to leave you all hanging four (five, probably by the time I get this out the door!) days without an update- I've been burning the midnight oil to get things ready for Friday's target. Now, that said, I've been working through a bit of logistics. Given the nature of what the new Advanced opponent is going to entail, there may be a few bits and pieces not ready at the time- specifically those that need a bit more testing under real circumstances, and to see how well people grasp using the new tool. Thus, the intention is to put out the basic material for the opponent on Friday as planned (ie, everything you need to drop this guy into a fight and go to work, 1 v 1 or 2 v 2). As responses come back, solutions are created, corrections are made., etc, I'll add the replacement material up as "free" creations. This way, you can get your mitts on groups of corrections or additions to the rules set as fast as they can be generated. The reason for this is the intent to make this a comprehensive type of add-on that can apply section-type tactics amongst groups of its own type. Sound good?