The Young Protectors - Ch 3, Page 109

Oh, dear. Wow. You all have been amazing with the Patreon! Since the last update, we’ve gone up another $300/month to $4612/month in support! You are simply the best readers in the world! It also meant we blasted past a Milestone Goal — the one at $4500/month that meant I would create a Bookmarkable Link to the Most Current Page, one of the most requested features since I started making webcomics. In order to do that, I knew I’d have to upgrade the whole site, something that has been a daunting project for me for some time. But as soon as the Patrons tipped over that goal, I started putting things in place to make that happen, dotting the i’s, crossing the t’s, making lots of backups. I performed the upgrade Monday afternoon — and it made a big hash of things. Some new features worked, other things didn’t. I reached out to the developer of the webcomic software I use, and he offered to help on Wednesday, so I went to restore the site from one of my backups — and then disaster. The restore failed and the whole site was hosed. This led to a scary, frustrating time of the site being down for several hours. But, me being me, I had several backups in place and by combining a couple of them, I was able to bring everything back. Phew! All this is to say, that I’m still working on that Bookmarkable Link for y’all and I’ll make another stab at it Wednesday night. With even more caution this time. Stay tuned! So! Looks like Spooky’s on the case of rescuing Flyboy! But Commander clearly doesn’t approve. Will Spooky be able to save Flyboy in time? Would Commander really have let Mitch go splat just to save the world? And what’s happening with The Annihilator back there? Tune in this Saturday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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