Basic membership of Bengali engineer cancelled in Baloch group

"Go rape your wife. And enjoy your lowly life," the Bengali Engineer had told the award winning US veteran Captain (Retd) Dipesh Chatterjee.

Now, the basic membership of the Indian national, who believes in supporting militancy in Balochistan, has been cancelled after he used extremely abusive language against the founder of the American Friends of Balochistan.

The Bengali Indian, Soumya Sundar Chowdhury, works for Monument Construction Corporation.

"Abey randi ki aulad, kaam nahi hai na, jake traffic signal pe bhikh maang. Surat dekhi hai apni? Paidaish gandu lagta hai. Mera time waste mat kar! Fat ugly fag! Chal haat," said Soumya Sundasr Chowdhury who works for the Monument Construction LLC in the Washington DC area. ["You son of a prostitute, you don't have anything better to do. Go and do panhandling at the traffic signal. Have you seen your face? You look like a born faggot. Dont waste my time! fat ugly fag! Go away," is what Chowdhury said translates into.]

"Such language is unacceptable," said Najeeb Khan, a director of the American Friends of Balochistan.

Mr. Chowdhury abused the AFB founder after he was asked to apologize to Bronze star winner Captain (Rtd) Dipesh Chatterjee.

Mr Chowdhury had earlier lied to the AFB founder that an Afghan female member comes to his apartment for drinks. (Also read related stories by becoming a patron).