Should Vegan Activists Get Paid? Episode 128

What's up, beardos?! This week we bring you a discussion regarding something that has been on our minds for quite a while. Should vegan activists get paid? We aren't talking about people working for non-profits, we are specifically talking about activists who start Patreons to fund their activism with no specific tangible goals other than "I will do more activism". Do we need activists dedicated 24/7? It is classist to demand activists work for free? Does crowd-funded activism run the risk of only rewarding certain types of activism at the detriment to others? We roll up our sleeves and dive deep into this one!

Plus go over the news, including the Impossible Burger rolling out to White Castle and the latest in the By Chloe legal proceedings. Additionally, we follow up on last week's discussion about veganizing prison farms. 

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The Food:

Plant (Asheville, NC)

Tomato Head (Knoxville, TN)

The Links:

Dominion film

Get Ready for ‘Bleeding’ Veggie Sliders at White Castle (Grub Street)

Chloe Coscarelli Files Lawsuit to Reclaim by CHLOE Name (VegNews)

Evolve Our Prison Farms Website

Kingston prison farms returning with new federal funding (CBC)

Prisoners making $1.95 a day want a raise. Taxpayers want a break. (Business)

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