Lynn Reacts: Princess Tutu Episode 1: The Duck and the Prince
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And now... It is time for a new Lynn Reacts! Ages and ages ago, I asked you all to vote on what you'd like me to watch next and... I'm really sorry, but as I explain in the react comments, one of my DVDs of Stargate: Atlantis S1 is completely wrecked. And, unfortunately, it's the physical DVD that's wrecked, so until I can find a way to replace watching that... no Lynn Reacts for SG:A will be forthcoming. :( (I was just at the part where Carson has to stop the drone he accidentally set in motion from murdering everyone whilst terrified too. T_T)

It's also time to shake things up a little, thanks to Storify shutting down and making it harder to collect Twitter threads easily. This Lynn Reacts episode is partially a test of whether and how I like using the Discord server for the live reaction shots and... I kind of really like it? They require little to no editing to collect into a post for the people who missed the live version. It's just a matter of setting everything up properly and looking at what I want to do with regards to that set-up.

That said, I don't have a set schedule for Princess Tutu reactions just yet, but that will follow once I decide on how I want to structure the server/posts access for the show. Right now I'm leaning towards opening the lynn-reacts channel to everyone and the related chat-channel to Moonshine patrons.

But I don't know for sure yet. Hi, my name is Lynn and I'm indecisive. While I figure things out (and, as always, do let me know what you would like to see!), though, here is episode 1.

I should note that this is one of my favourite shows and I adore the story unfolding. It takes a little while for the plot to really get going -- and I admit I'm a little biased because I was introduced to the show via episode 8, which is roughly when the plot comes into its own and becomes more than a dance-oriented magical girl show. (No, seriously. There is a loooooooot of ballet dancing. If you loathe and hate ballet, avoid this at all costs.) -- but it is so worth it. This is one of the most rewarding shows I've ever watched and I adore it to bits and I'm really, really looking forward to sharing it with you all in whatever shape I can fit it into. :D

Tune in next time for Episode 2: Pieces of the Heart

Lynn Reacts: Princess Tutu Episode 1: The Duck and the Prince

Given that Stargate: Atlantis is going to be a bust at least until I can figure out a way to access the first four episodes, it's time for something else!

This actually works in my favourite because it means I get to watch the series I was really hoping people would vote for: Princess Tutu!

Princess Tutu is a gorgeous show and it's been absolutely ages since I watched it. (Sadly, my memory being what it is, of course this show it remembers all the main details of quite easily. So there'll be no super-big surprises for or from me. But there most likely will be lots of smaller things that I've missed previously.)

So! Before I get started with watching it, some details. Princess Tutu is an anime that aired in 2002-2003 created by Ikuko Itoh, whom you may know from Sailor Moon Classic. It is... very philosophical in places, outright wacky in others and I promise you that by the end of the 26-episode ride everything that confuses the heck out of you will make sense. Probably.

Princess Tutu is, effectively, a very long ballet in the trappings of a magical girl anime and relying heavily on classical ballet music not just for its soundtrack but for its episodic themes.

If you want to play Spot the (Musical) Reference, this Livejournal guide will have you covered, but if you're spoiler-averse, do not read over them until you've experienced the episode you want information on in some way:

That out of the way, it's time to start! Lay it on me, Drosselmeyer!

We're off to a great start! The first line is "Once upon a time a man died".

This first section is just a fairytale feel background story, so I'll recap it quickly (and you can probably already tell why I'd adore it to bits and pieces just from this.) To be clear, none of what I'm about to say is a spoiler. This is all background information before the actual story starts and, yes, you want to know this going into it. I... did not and it's just way more fun when you know because LAYERS.

Okay so! Once upon a time, there was an author (his name is Drosselmeyer, but technically that we don't know yet) and he died whilst writing an epic adventure fairy tale story between an evil raven and a prince. The author died whilst in the middle of an epiv battle scene and so the raven and the prince were stuck fighting each other forever because without the writer the story can't progress.

Except! The raven and the prince were but "Well, screw that! I'm getting out of here!" and so they both escaped the confines of the book (somehow) and the princess took out his own heart to seal away the evil raven forever and ever.


Or undead. Or... something. WDK. We just know SUDDENLY the (un)dead writer is talking to himself!

Opening credits. They're SO pretty. <3

They're so perfect too. <3<3<3<3<3<3

Well, that's not creepy at all, lake that suddenly went from dark to white mist.

Awwwwww, Ahiru!

We're introduced to the main issue with this story: Ahiru is in love with the Prince and wants to dance with him, but she's just a duck. Literally. She's an actual duck.

Suddenly creepy Drosselmeyer eyes!



Ahiru just got mobbed by songbirds.

There's a tiny bird pecking at Ahiru's hair. XD

Ahiru, late for school with her "I am introducing myself in the first episode whilst hurrying to school" staple of magical girl stories. <3


Ahiru: I'd give my life to dance with Mytho.
Anime: [sudden flash of Drosselmeyer's eyes before she's even finished speaking]
Ahiru: [oblivious]

Aaand no one is around for the ballet lessons. Except Mytho, the guy Ahiru is hopelessly in love with. He's dancing to Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. If I recall correctly.

Ahiru is so clumsy. <3

Oh, hi! Fakir! Jerk person is a jerk.

Also. I just want you all to know, the ballet teacher is a cat.

I am as confused as Ahiru.

Also I know I'll get tired of the cat's obsession with marriage because I got sick of it the first couple of times I've seen this show.

Wow. That took about two iterations of that and HELLO RUE.

I adore Rue's outfit. It's SO pretty. <3

Drosselmeyer as one of those music box ballerinas is just CREEPY. I know it's just for the commercial break visual, BUT STILL.

Ahiru struggling with the rules about the boys' dorm because she wants to apologise is so cute. Fakir, don't be such a bleep.

Yes, Ahiru. Yes, he's always like that.

Fakir, you are a real jerk. I mean, I know why and all, but. Wow. I forget how much of a jerk he really is because of that.


Why is time suddenly frozen except for Ahiru and Drosselmeyer?

Aaaand... Drosselmeyer wants to be told a story. THAT IS NOT OMINOUS AT ALL.

Also, wow, for a moment there I thought Fakir was capable of being nice, offering to fetch Mytho books. But then he followed it up with his usual abusive tactics of telling Mytho to listen only to him and read only what he tells Mytho to read. FAKIR, DO I NEED TO THROW PILLOWS AT YOU?!

(The answer is "yes. Yes, I do".)

Lilie and Pike may give me a headache before this episode is done. >>



Oh, look. A crow attacked the bird and Mytho fell out of the window to catch it.


The transformation sequence for Princess Tutu is so pretty.

And unlike in a lot of magical girl series actually has a clear purpose other than filling up screen time.

YAY! Mytho and the bird have been saved by Ahiru/Princess Tutu!

Poor Ahiru. Drosselmeyer scared her away from talking to Mytho.

And now she's become a duck again.

So she was really a duck after all and the dream at the beginning with Drosselmeyer wasn't a dream.

Aaaaand... that's it for Princess Tutu episode 1!

I'll have so much fun with this! :D

I am not going to spoil anything from the preview of episode 2, but I will point out that Drosselmeyer rocking in a superdark room inviting children who love stories and laughing maniacally does not, has never and will never, fill me with anything other than the desire to run REALLY FAR AWAY.