Episode 15: Twin Peaks pilot & Eyes Wide Shut w/ Andrew Cook (+ season 3 rewatch prologue begins, the Frankenstein legacy, my short film Class of 2002 & more)
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0:00 INTRO (for public audience as well - layout for each episode)

4:34 WEEKLY UPDATE/recent posts: Mad Men viewing diary, Twin Peaks Unwrapped on the pilot, The Art Life review/visual tribute, Star Trek unaired pilot

6:46 WEEKLY UPDATE/Patreon: correcting accidental post

7:07 WEEKLY UPDATE/works in progress: Mad Men season 2 premiere, Fire Walk With Me & season 3, interview w/ Cameron Cloutier, schedule until the anniversary

10:40 TWIN PEAKS REFLECTIONS: Twin Peaks pilot

22:38 FILM IN FOCUS: Eyes Wide Shut w/ guest Andrew Cook

50:31 OTHER TOPICS: Frankenstein legacy & Mary Shelley

59:13 LISTENER FEEDBACK: Peyton/Frost/Lynch creating Twin Peaks, Pi & mysterious fiction, full response to ep. 13

1:06:39 OPENING THE ARCHIVE: "Best Face Forward" (May 2012 - January 2013), this weeks highlight: 2002 in 2012 - The Making of My Movie, Class of 2002


PODCAST: Twin Peaks Unwrapped 150: Community Rewatch S1: Pilot (my appearance w/ J.C. Hotchkiss & John Thorne)

Bringing The Community Together: The Twin Peaks Unwrapped Community Rewatch by Andrew Greaves (25 Years Later)

"QUEEN OF HEARTS: A TWIN PEAKS FAN FILM" PROMOTIONAL TRAILER 4 (long promo featuring Twin Peaks locations and the actress who will play Annie)

"QUEEN OF HEARTS: A TWIN PEAKS FAN FILM" PROMOTIONAL TRAILER 3 (another promo featuring Jake Wardle, who played Freddie Sykes)

Links to my previous coverage of the Twin Peaks pilot (plus an additional comment)

PODCAST: The Projection Booth Episode 94: Eyes Wide Shut (fantastic extended discussion on the film if you're hungry for more)

Frank's Elite Secret Sex Society | It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (video clip)

Neo Westchester Chapter 9: Ayes Wide Shut, Part 1 - Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet (beginning of Bob Clark's Eyes Wide Shut parody storyline in his webcomic)

Precocious Pastiche: Recycled Culture in 80s Kids Cartoons - and Beyond (my full piece quoted on the show, about animated films and shows referencing famous films, books, or concepts)

My Twitter thread about modern creators spawning pop culture mythology/iconography 

Twitter thread criticizing Mary Shelley trailer & The Frankenstein Chronicles 

Frankenstein: A Cultural History by Susan Tyler Hitchock (Google Books sample of the book I referenced)

Frankenstein: The Literary Legacy of a 200-Year-Old Monster by Rachel Sherlock (Bookwitty)

My review of the film Frankenstein (1931) (featuring the passage I quoted from the novel)

Archive period: May 2012 / June 2012 / July 2012 / August 2012 / September 2012 / October 2012 / November 2012 / December 2012 / January 2013 

Archive highlight: 2002 in 2012: The Making of My Movie, Class of 2002


Published this week: 

Mad Men - "Long Weekend" (season 1, episode 10) 

Mad Men - "Indian Summer" (season 1, episode 11) 

Mad Men - "Nixon vs. Kennedy (season 1, episode 12) 

Mad Men - "The Wheel" (season 1, episode 13) 

Rewrapping Twin Peaks: discussing the pilot w/ Twin Peaks Unwrapped (+ J.C. Hotchkiss & John Thorne) 

David Lynch: The Art Life 

Living the Art Life 

Star Trek - "The Cage" (unaired pilot) 


I wanted to get the podcast up today in a timely manner, so there's no description or links - yet. Look for an update on that front tomorrow (and there will be a LOT of links so it's worth checking back in for). Plus I'll be sharing this on YouTube as well (this is a rare public episode). Thanks for listening!

[Apologies if there are any glitches; I gave it a quick once-over but will be doing a more thorough once-over by tomorrow afternoon.]

Thanks to Stephen for choosing my Film in Focus this week, and Andrew for coming on as a guest to discuss it. 

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