midifire16 design uploaded to GitHub
I started with the wifire16, a wireless 16-channel LED or flame effect controller. This board uses any radio with the *Bee format, e.g. XBee, RN-XV (WiFi), or Bluetooth Bee. To save production costs and make a more reliable communication channel, I then designed the dmxfire16 - the same controller board but using RS-485, which is compatible with the DMX theatrical lighting protocol. After some discussion with a friend about MIDI interfaces, I figured it would be worthwhile (and not a huge amount of work) to make a variant that would be MIDI compatible. I've just uploaded the design to GitHub, and will be ordering prototypes soon. This will likely be delayed due to the Chinese New Year coming up soon. I'll be releasing it as content once the first prototype boards are in and I've been able to test that it works properly. But for now, have a link to the design files, in case you're interested in taking a closer look!