Golf Hacks – Jeff Ferron Mental Golf Game Tips
Even if you aren’t a Golfer or Bowler you can apply Jeff Ferron’s Mental golf game advantage. Most of us that Golf or Bowl think we are better than we really are. I know that is my case for sure.

I bowled and golfed with Jeff for several years and has a blast. In bowling he averaged over 200 and at one time his golf handicap was a plus 2. Jeff was one of the best golfers that I played golf with a lot and one  of the most positive. 

He would swing the club slow and smooth. He never seemed to get rattled or try to swing harder. His temp was normally the same and so was his attitude. If he hit a shot that went off track or missed a easy putt it was no big deal to Jeff. He would just see what he could do for his next shot. He would visualize what he wanted the ball to do and normally pull it off.

He also made others golfing with him feel good about there golf games by being positive and encouraging others a lot. He liked to talk and have fun during the round. We would have so much fun. He never took his golf game too serious, but he sure could golf good and made some amazing shots. I hope he comes and plays golf in Arizona soon with me. 

Some tips I learned when golfing with Jeff:

  1. Keep your Mind Positive and Have Fun. It’s just a game. Not our living.
  2. Have Fun with the people you play Golf with.
  3. Encourage other Golfers.
  4. If      your Shot is in trouble just pick a line and hit out of trouble.
  5. You will have good holes and bad holes.
  6. You probably aren’t as good as you think you are.
  7. Make up games that are fun and fair to all golfers in your group.
  8. Roll three balls on the putting green to check the speed of the greens before your round.
  9. Keep your swing in control. Slow and smooth.
  10. Pick out Targets to shoot at. Make the targets small.
  11. Your attitude can determine a lot of your score. 
  12. Don’t let a bad hole be a blow up hole by your attitude.
  13. Play golf and have fun.

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