It's almost MADMAY

I finally sat today with my Tarot and these rainy Thursday vibes here in Perth, for the first time in months and for the first time in this new house, this new world, this new creative chaos to just... receive. Don 't worry, I got me the good cards in the good Mojo cave!

Anyway. At the moment I'm neck deep in coding and timing frames to beats - honestly, I am SO over editing videos and merging websites and coding and all that stuff that I actually can't WAIT for this huge project to give me my life back! Somewhat ironic. But that's the magic. OHHHHH THAT'S THE MAGIC?!.

After almost 10 years of ideas sparking and shooting off in all directions I've found the golden arrow to ride right down the centre. Straight to the point. Splitting through all the bullshit and I like to call it the  "I don't give a f*ck if you don't GET it... yet... You will, if I can actually pull this whole thing off. And if you STILL don't get it, that's fine, it's not meant for you" arrow.

I mean, I don't know if I'll pull it off. I don't know if this will work. But that's really only up to me how the story unfolds. Much journey, so experience.

It turns out this is always where I've been heading, I just had to catch up the past and future with each other so I could be more in the present, pulling threads from all of this potentiality and bringing it into something that FEELS like I'm FEELING it. 

We'll see.

So to start with I'm merging websites and projects together, I'm cancelling accounts, subscriptions, connections that roll around like dead weight, using the calendars, planning the things, doing the things - starting with MADMAY 2018. T-minus-11 days. Please shut up Time, no one asked you.

I'm a few days away from revealing it all but I've got to start sharing it somehow so it starts to feel real. And I want you to know that the ship is sailing out of the Harbour! Wooooooo-f8cking-hooooooooooooo!