Developer's report - March 2018
Huh, I almost forgot to write the developer's report for March. I didn't have much time for adding new features to my sites, I was pretty busy with other aspects of life. Anyways, here's the sort list of things added to

Small "Claim" buttons for easier claiming

This makes claiming less bothersome. Using the right button will preselect your rank (+top rank) on the claiming dialog. 

Player names in the claim dialog

This works if the organiser uploaded the results with player names/nicks. When selecting your rank during claiming, you will see these player references helping you to choose the correct values.

Experimenting with front end frameworks

I have been meddling around with the framework called Vue.js. The goal was to learn something new that makes development easier and benefits the users as well. I'm trying to introduce a UI which does not require reloading the page after every action you make. You can see this in the UI of "Tournament Groups" which was developed recently in April, so you will read about it more in the next report ;)

Thank you for your support, I hope you enjoy using my sites! :)

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