Small Hiatus
Yeah, this sucks.

So I need to take a small break from posting to get back to work on Gallant. I haven't had time to work on the comic or sketchbook for all of April because of increased hours at my day job. 

Yay money! Boo lack or artistic fulfillment...

So what does this mean for you the patron?

Well, there won't be any posts the rest of April while I get caught up, but that means next month there will be extra content to make up for the lack of content! Much like when I had to take a break in December, I'm going to make it up to you guys by giving out a free high-res illustration with process videos! 

I'll also make May's sketchbook beefier with more pages!

I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but life gets hectic and I want to be as fair to you guys as possibly can. If I'm going to have little hiccups like this I want to make sure you guys get what you pay for (and then some). 

Expect new updates in May and thank you all for your patience and patronage,